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by blrsignsystems | November 2, 2021 | blog
BLR Installs Key Signage for Major Brand

An important customer was preparing for a major brand announcement. Due to the sensitivity of the release, the installations had to be in-place at just the right timing. BLR Visual Communications prepared all the graphics in advance and was prepared to placement them at the perfect timing. Are you preparing for a time-sensitive update to… View Article

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by blrsignsystems | October 26, 2021 | blog
Alfred University gets a Facelift

Campus’ across the country had to prepare for students returning to campus. Administrative staff took this as the perfect time to do campus-wide upgrades to their signage. One such college to do a signage facelift was Alfred University. Alfred University wanted to maintain their 185 year history while bringing an upgrade to appeal to students’… View Article

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STOP COVID-19 on gloved hand
by blrsignsystems | October 19, 2021 | blog
Branded COVID Messaging

At the beginning of the pandemic, companies rushed out to send out branded messages of COVID safety, rules and regulations, distancing signage, etc. How did these messages impact their messaging efforts? According to, researchers reviewed 80 spring campaigns and found that the branded messaging fell into four categories: direct engagement, indirect engagement, direct disengagement… View Article

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by blrsignsystems | October 12, 2021 | blog
You Signed a Lease – Now What?

During the pandemic, many people decided to get creative about how to bring money into their household. A boom of businesses were born — and with each business came a lot of questions about how to establish the new business. If one of the decisions you made was to sign a lease on a new… View Article

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UFO Self Parking sign in Roswell
by blrsignsystems | October 5, 2021 | blog
Roswell Signage video

The city of Roswell is known for it’s alien history, but the city is looking for a way to boost its’ tourism segment with a branding and signage boost. How? Roswell took the streets to ask some pretty funny and interesting questions to get their answers! Check them out here:

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by blrsignsystems | August 10, 2021 | blog
Building a City’s Identity

Every city you’ve ever visited has a ‘feeling’ to it, which is based largely around the signage. Vegas – What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas Vegas is defined by it’s bright, flashy lights that scream for your attention. Walk into any building and you’ll then find a just as flashy casino room filled with… View Article

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