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by Jennifer DeMarco | March 15, 2022 | blog
Fortune 10 Company Boosts Cafeteria Design

 BLR fabricated and installed a custom design set of graphics for this Silicon Valley Fortune 10 company campus cafeteria.  Full wall wraps and directional flooring signage create an environment that promotes efficient flow and  encourages social engagement among employees  in a vibrant environment.

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databricks wall art wrap
by blrsignsystems | December 21, 2021 | blog
Databricks Renovates San Francisco Offices

Databricks, a data, analytics and AI lakehouse platform provider, recently renovated their San Francisco offices to create a more collaborative environment. They wanted to ensure the space was engaging and dynamic by doing multiple large graphic wall wraps, revising wayfinding and informational signage to have clearer information and greater brand consistency throughout the space. BLR… View Article

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Office Cleanliness to Combat COVID-19
by blrsignsystems | December 14, 2021 | blog
Office Cleanliness to Combat COVID-19

With the Omnicron variant of COVID-19 spreading across the globe, everybody is reassessing their standards for cleanliness, interacting with others and how much they should be traveling during the holidays. Concerns are on the rise and businesses need to take note of their employees mindset, mental health and preferences for safety. A study conducted in… View Article

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by blrsignsystems | November 30, 2021 | blog
Communication is Vital

Despite having over a year of experience with COVID-19, the rules and regulations continue to flex with little notice. Communities may put a mandate that goes beyond the state guidelines and news may come out of the CDC at any time. This means as employers you have to continue to be on your toes and… View Article

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by blrsignsystems | November 16, 2021 | blog
Check the Trends

Shark Tank’s investors are notorious for telling people to “know their numbers.”  Business owners we challenge you to know your numbers! Except this time we aren’t just talking about knowing your ROI and acquisition costs. An equally important number to know these days is the COVID rates in your community. We challenge you to investigate… View Article

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by blrsignsystems | November 9, 2021 | blog
Return to Work Phases

All companies are in different phases of re-opening. If you are currently in a work-at-home phase with intentions of opening your office – this article is for you. Transmission rates of COVID-19 can run rampant without the correct precautions in place. Creating a re-opening plan can help minimize transmission rates to keep your employees, and… View Article

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