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Wayfinding in Medical Office
by Jennifer DeMarco | August 1, 2023 | blog
Benefits of Effective Wayfinding Design in Medical Offices

Effective wayfinding design is crucial in medical environments, where clear and consistent information is essential for guiding and informing patients and visitors. However, designing effective wayfinding in medical offices can present a number of challenges, including the need to accommodate diverse patient needs and preferences, the complexity of the physical environment, and the constantly changing… View Article

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Embracing the Hybrid Workforce: How Digital Signage Enhances the Modern Office
by Jennifer DeMarco | July 25, 2023 | blog
Embracing the Hybrid Workforce: How Digital Signage Enhances the Modern Office

The workplace landscape has undergone significant changes driven by the rise of hybrid work models. As discussed in the thought-provoking article “Hybrid Is Here to Stay. So Is the Office.” by Gensler, organizations are adapting to a new era of work that combines remote and in-person collaboration. Let’s explore how digital signage enhances the modern… View Article

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Contact BLR for a complimentary quote on all your signage needs
by Jennifer DeMarco | July 18, 2023 | blog
5 Tips for Effective Branding at Conferences

Conferences can be an excellent opportunity for businesses to showcase their brand, connect with potential partners and customers, and build their professional network. However, with so many brands competing for attention at conferences, it’s important to have a strong and effective branding strategy to stand out. Here are 5 tips for effective branding at conferences:… View Article

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Symbolizing the harmonious interplay between the digital and analog realms, our custom-routed address monument sign elegantly juxtaposes the sleekness of the digital world with the timeless allure of timber craftsmanship.
by Jennifer DeMarco | July 11, 2023 | blog
Elevating Google’s Mass Timber Project with Exquisite Signage

XL Construction’s selection of BLR Visual as the sign vendor for Google’s groundbreaking Mass Timber construction project marked a pivotal moment in architectural signage. Tasked with a comprehensive scope of exterior signage, BLR Visual’s expertise in design, fabrication, and installation seamlessly aligned with the project’s Mass Timber goals. The Custom-Routed Address Monument Sign: One standout… View Article

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by Jennifer DeMarco | July 4, 2023 | blog
🎉 Happy Fourth of July!

Today, we come together as a nation to celebrate the land of the free and the home of the brave. Wishing you and your loved ones a joyous and patriotic Independence Day! On this special day, let’s reflect on the values that make our country great – freedom, liberty, and unity. It’s a time to… View Article

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Transformation of the digital landscape with digital signage
by Jennifer DeMarco | June 27, 2023 | blog
Digital Signage in the Modern Digital Infrastructure Landscapes

In today’s increasingly connected world, digital signage has become a critical component of the digital infrastructure landscape. Businesses and organizations are leveraging the power of digital signs to enhance communication, engage audiences, and create immersive experiences. From static displays to dynamic experiences: Digital signage has come a long way from traditional static signage. Today, businesses… View Article

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